Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sunday SideLines: Do It UP

Do It Up

Think it up.

Work it up.

Step it up.

Tune it up.

Lift it up.

Talk it up.

Change it up.

Pray it up.

Live it up.

Just Do it UP!

What Are You Doing UP?

Friday, 21 February 2014

Sunday SideLines: I've been told...

I've been told...

…cooking isn’t my thing. I once made a meal our dog turned away.

It’s true.

I never seemed to get better either. It just wasn’t a gift I possessed.

But I’ve been told I’m really good at making reservations.

…and good at a lot of other things too. Phew!

At least these guys made me feel better!  Click Here.

What are you good at?

Friday, 14 February 2014

Sunday SideLines: Do You Hum?

Do You Hum?

Definition of hum (v)  Sing with lips closed and without words.   Bing Dictionary

Okay, I’ll go first. 

Yes, I confess to humming. Actually, I think I hum more than I realise.

But I think it’s a happy habit.

And I also believe it soothes the soul.

Note: It's a great warm-up exercise as well.

It certainly appeals to the Singer Songwriter + the Voice Over Talent in me.

And I just happened to read about its health benefits. What a bonus.

BKCreative says: “Some even describe humming as a form of therapeutic sound medicine. And all the benefits are free and readily available.” 

Read it below.

Oh, yeah. One more thing. I’m convinced I hum because I can’t whistle. 

And I’ve always wanted to whistle.

Do you hum?

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Enriched By Fascination

She's a Broadcaster, Voice Talent, Actress, Author and Speaker. And I've read she's a person who promotes positive thought. She sounds positively perfect to me.

She says: “Jealousy will get you nowhere. Admiration – and fascination – will always propel you.” So if this is true, I’m about to take-off, because I admire and am fascinated by Randye Kaye!

I lifted this wonderful quote from her rich October blog, ‘Fascination: A Voice Talent Necessity’ from her Life on the Voiceover List site. And guess what? She’s getting a loud Debby Barnes Voice-Over Rah-Rah!  No surprise here.
This one particular quality she reminds us to use in our personal and professional lives is simple and ever so effective. (And in my humble opinion, I think fascination is something to be grateful for, as well. It keeps us bright, curious and captivated. We can be enriched by fascination because it’s also an irresistible way for us to learn. Not to mention the way it taps-into the wonder and child in all of us.)

Though Randye starts-out by asking us about our Voice Over listening habits and whether we evaluate,  imitate or judge what we listen to; the actual guts of her blog is written about the six things she woos us to be fascinated by. And these really spoke to me, especially the sixth, because I believe it to be true. “Replace fear – with Fascination. Watch what happens!” Yes.
Randye – YOU are fascinating and so is your work. Rah-Rah!

Click-into your must-read here:   Randye Kaye's Blog

Randye's website:  Randye Kaye VO 

What are you fascinated by?

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