Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Intentional Listening

Hear ye! Hear ye! Another multi-talented VOT who’s written another meaningful VO article, entitled: ‘Voice Over - The Lost Art of Listening’. This time the thoughtful blogger is the accomplished engineer, producer, director and author: Dan Friedman. He's into intentional listening because he’s fully present and all about sound; switched-on and tuned-in. 

I know this guy, I thought. Yeah, I’ve read his book ‘Sound Advice’ in order to get an even better technological understanding of recording in my home studio. His 'Sound 4VO' blog is another wonderful resource I need and read. I’ve also listened to his particular perspective through the various webinars he’s offered. His advice is always sage, so a Debby Barnes Voice-Over Rah-Rah! is definitely in order.

Because he’s so wrapped-up in modern technology 24/7, I relished reading that his recent (2013) hiking trip afforded him time to listen to nature. And I could understand how he found it to be music to his ears. He writes: “Listening, truly listening, seems to be a lost art.” In my humble opinion, he’s right. We’re all so busy being and doing that most of us forget to stop and listen, really listen to the sound of life that encircles us. So, I too think intentional listening is vital.
Dan reminds us “…that listening is more important than speaking.” And one of the opinions he shared really struck me, “The best voice over coach is your ears.” I actually considered this to be rather profound. Our ears sharpen so many of our skills (...especially when it comes to editing our audio files.)

The other questions he goes on to ask his fellow Voice-Over colleagues are choice. And I for one, am going to start listening to these queries and applying them. Staying keen to what we hear…really hear, can speak to us. Perhaps what we absorb will not only bring about a beneficial change in us, but a favourable change in how we express ourselves in order to meet our client’s voice-over needs effectively. What a win-win.
Rah-Rah! to this hip, edgy, energetic, affable, down-to-earth and helpful Voice Over Talent & Audio Engineer who's ever so easy to listen to. Cheers! Dan. 

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