Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My VO Local

This week it’s a delight to highlight Gary Terzza and give him a lively (...and belated) Debby Barnes Voice-Over Rah-Rah! because he’s My VO local. 

You see, my Voice-Over journey started with him, (...through his Voice-Over Masterclass) so this shout-out is a no-brainer. It’s also a nice opportunity to publicly acknowledge and thank him for returning my call the day I reached-out to him for his industry counsel. (…not to mention the time he spent ‘spoon-feeding’ me through the VO basics.) He’s a big deal here in the UK, so calling little ‘ol me back to chat was no small thing. But this is 'how he rolls'. He always acknowledges and responds to people personally and professionally. And I’m so drawn to people with kind eyes, an attentive nature, and a smile I can hear over the phone. That's Gary.

Though Gary started at Great Britain’s ITV over 30 years ago, co-presented ‘City’, and has had his own radio shows as well, he’s now the continuity announcer that introduces some very popular programs for Channel4 and MORE4. He’s one of Channel 4’s best known voice-overs and he’s also a regular live announcer on the digital channel E4. And as I referred to above, he also gives Sound Training In Voiceovers through his 'Gary Terzza's Voice-Over Masterclass’. Phew. How he finds time to do all he does, as well as write blogs and coach students is beyond me, but I’m sure glad he does.

His recent post: 'Local Voice Over Jobs: Do They Exist?' was so enlightening and beneficial. He reminds all of us that there is life outside of P2P’s and it actually might be closer than we think. By asking us: “How about looking for voiceover work on your doorstep?”, he gets us curious enough to read on and think through the potential marketing benefits of contacting local VO leads in our backyard (…or back garden, as they say in the UK.) The fact is, cable and digital TV channels are popping-up all over the map. It’s no wonder Gary highly encourages us to look into locally produced programes. After all, they could have unique VO needs that WE might be able to meet; all accessed with a Google click (...or a phone call, for that matter). He even gives us a random example of what this kind of search would look like. And he ties things up nicely with, "You never know who is next door, so get knocking on those doors."

I'm certainly glad he 'opened the door' when I came 'knockin'. Yep, this grateful American is SO pleased Gary Terzza is My VO Local. Rah-Rah!, GT.

Click into it here: Gary's Blog

Or visit his siteGary Terzza

Need some VO education? Gary's VO Masterclass

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