Friday, 31 January 2014

My Favourite VO Chef

No doubt about it. I’m biased. Yep. Where Deb Munro (VO Chef Deb) is concerned, you’ll find me in her (virtual) kitchen, drooling over her next yummy concoction and waiting to chow-down. She's my favourite VO chef. Fact.

First of all, her Voice-Over ‘recipes’ are well-prepared, easy-to-follow and always taste delicious. (After all, Deb’s a well-branded ‘Chef’, VO Actor, VO Coach, On-Camera TV Host + Coach and produces crackin’ VO demos) so she’s done her time in the kitchen and she’s still doin’ it. And secondly, she’s a Coach/Mentor and kindred-spirited friend. So this will be a quick, easy, loud and lively Debby Barnes Voice-Over Rah-Rah! for sure.

Especially so, because another valuable Edge Studio newsletter recently featured her blog: ‘Losing a Voice-Over Job – Making the Proverbial Lemonade Out of a Sour Experience’. And needless to say, I could hardly wait to dig-in with delight.

Man can she cook. And her particular ‘Job Loss Gumbo’ is a must for every VOT from amateur to pro. After giving us the ‘ingredients’ for her ‘dish’, she says: “The results of this recipe always change – so you must prepare yourself and be willing to accept the outcome. Luckily, the outcome of a job loss can actually be successful. (Which is good, because I much prefer writing recipes for success.)”

And she does. By reminding all of us that we are going to lose a job at some point in our careers, she goes on to assure us that we’re not alone. (That in itself is comforting.) And with this: It’s important for you to embrace and learn from what happened.”; she shares an important truth.  Along with this: “You may NEVER know why you lose a job, but it’s important that you take the steps to care about what happened, and what you need to do in order to grow from the experience.” This right here, the care ingredient, was part of the recipe that I needed to savour the flavour of.  Because when I care, I always try to do what’s necessary in order to grow, and I bet you do too.

BTW: When I experienced an unexpected and uncomfortable professional situation awhile back, I tapped-into Deb's heart and her experience and found a chick that really does care; someone who was more than willing to whip-me-up a warm and soothing bowl of chicken soup for the voice and the soul.

Yep. Deb Munro is the perfect chef with ‘The Perfect Voice Recipe'. Rah-Rah!

Read it here: Deb's Blog 

And check-out Deb’s site:

Who's your favourite VO chef?

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