Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Right Question

For Voice-Over professionals, getting our heads inside every text in order to communicate its message properly is essential. So when Edge Studio’s, Carol Monda expounded on this very issue in her blog, ‘That is the Question’ I was gripped. Carol’s an actor, voice-over talent and Audie award-winning audiobook narrator who’s worked for some of the best in the biz. So I was ready to hang on every word of this prolific talent’s post and highlight every thing I wanted to remember. There is such substance in what she shares that I knew immediately it would a be read + re-read type of blog. I also knew it would be a Debby Barnes Voice-Over Rah-Rah!

For me personally, what she writes is compelling. She reminds us to poke and probe our scripts with the kind of questions that bring about valuable results. (And in light of the kind of results she’s had in her career, we can’t ignore her wisdom.) Though most of us know how vital it is to actually identify the audience we’re speaking to, Carol further clarifies: “…our job is not merely to identify the audience, but to deliver our message directly to him or her.” Because in her words, “…the defined audience is best considered to be one person. This brings a level of specificity, intimacy and focus to our work.” I love this. 

In order to get to the heart of every message we’re appointed to convey, she’s spot-on to point us toward its infrastructure in order to ask ourselves some key questions. By doing this we can be much more authentic in how we ultimately deliver the copy.

Because I’ve always been attracted to language, the use of language, and the words themselves, I really appreciate the valuable tools she gives us to find more “…depth of meaning in a given piece of copy.”  She ties things up nicely by stating something I went-on to highlight: “The unpacking, unveiling, and unravelling of the words allows these words a greater meaning and a more sumptuous message. And isn’t the meaning the message?” Wow. For me, this is the all-important question. The right question.

Words colour our world so brilliantly and expressing these words for others in the way they need them expressed is imperative. Isn’t it? Rah-Rah! Carol. Rah-Rah!

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