Friday, 14 February 2014

Sunday SideLines: Do You Hum?

Do You Hum?

Definition of hum (v)  Sing with lips closed and without words.   Bing Dictionary

Okay, I’ll go first. 

Yes, I confess to humming. Actually, I think I hum more than I realise.

But I think it’s a happy habit.

And I also believe it soothes the soul.

Note: It's a great warm-up exercise as well.

It certainly appeals to the Singer Songwriter + the Voice Over Talent in me.

And I just happened to read about its health benefits. What a bonus.

BKCreative says: “Some even describe humming as a form of therapeutic sound medicine. And all the benefits are free and readily available.” 

Read it below.

Oh, yeah. One more thing. I’m convinced I hum because I can’t whistle. 

And I’ve always wanted to whistle.

Do you hum?

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