Sunday, 6 July 2014


I honestly love giving credit where credit is due and I’m spoiled for choice in the Voice Over community. There’s a whole lot of credible, talented and prolific Creatives inside of it. One such guy is John Lano. (He's the 'genie' of And who doesn’t want to befriend and big-up a genie, right?) His blogs are always a treat, especially his: 28 Veteran Voice Actors Give Brutally Honest Advice To Their Former Noobie VO Selves. Not only was it an ingenious topic, but it was such an interesting read. So, even though it’s long overdue, John’s getting an enthusiastic Debby Barnes Voice-Over Rah-Rah! (…alongside all the others that contributed to his blog.)

So, for readers who relish true personal stories, (…of which I am one) John’s blog has us chomping-at-the-bit right out-of the gate. He asks us to: “Pretend you are this person as you read it.” Clever. And in my humble opinion, the story is classic, especially to any newbie Voice Over Talent. (And I actually think it would work quite well as a comedy sketch.)

The person who’s true story he showcases, is the lovely Michelle Falanga. And she’s the first to offer us the advice she would have given her VO newbie self. It’s precious. (…quoting her now would give too much away.)

John then decides to ask other “… seasoned voice actors to share 1 piece of advice they would like to tell their former noobie voice actor selves.” He then goes on to write: ‘Whether you’re a seasoned pro or brand new to the field, you’ve gotta read their “Honest Abe”-like advice.’ He’s right.

Out of his notable list of 28 I had a tough time choosing my favourites, but in the end I had to go with: 2, 3, 8, 9, 13, 24 and 27. ALL of the gracious contributions deserved 5 stars. And each one is guaranteed to speak to each of us differently. (I confess to reading it twice, myself.)

An in-Genie-ous blog, John. Rah-Rah!

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