Sunday, 10 August 2014

One Word Only

Ever thought about what one word would best describe you? 

For what it's worth, I once asked my husband to describe me in one word.

(No easy task.)

"Only one word?" 

"Yes, one word."

"Ooooh. Okay, give me a minute."


"Wait, that’s the one word you’ve chosen to describe me?"

"Yes. Cartoon. Definitely, cartoon."

"You mean like Jessica Rabbit or Betty Boop?"

"No, more like Olive Oyl."


For your enjoyment: Olive Oyl's "Why Am I So Beautiful"

BTW: Olive Oyl was created by: E.C. Segar. Her (debut) voice was portrayed by Bonnie Poe, and has since been voiced by Mae Questel; Marge Hines; Marilyn Schreffler; Shelley Duvall; Kelly Hu and Amy Adams.

So...what one word would describe you?

I value you + your views, so let's communicate!

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