Sunday, 7 September 2014

Prioritizing Service

Well, well. I simply couldn’t ignore someone who’s considered "refined but not tamed"; so I felt compelled to 'get-to-know' the 20+ years talented voice actor: Melanie Haynes.

My first encounter with her was through her blog: ‘Do you practice “Service”?’ The title intrigued me because of the honest question it asks of the reader. And the rest of what she writes really resonated with me as a Voice-Over colleague. So I was eager to raise my virtual pom-poms and give her a genuine Debby Barnes Voice-Over Rah-Rah! after I finished her article. 

Melanie says: “ There seems to be so much more of a crossover between personal and professional development which makes perfect sense. The two are connected in that who you are in your personal life must affect your professional life…” True enough. Where our professional lives are concerned, it’s understandable that we aim to function in a service orientated way. By prioritizing service, we're doing our utmost for another’s highest good and that's what it’s all about. I actually consider this to be real servant spirited service. (And most of us have already been raised to think and act like this in our personal lives as well.) 

I really appreciated what she shared about the way in which she’s evolving and being strengthened recently, not to mention what she’s been able to put into practice. She’s been having “Some new thoughts which are helping to solidify the idea of service and helping to create more courage and confidence in auditioning, especially, …thinking in terms of “How can I serve the script?”…”. She goes on to ask a few more meaningful questions that we should be asking ourselves before every audition. I loved her thoughts about what it all becomes. This stayed with me.

And her last quote is a winner: Personal vulnerabilities are not something to worry about or to be fearful of, but rather to be used to enhance the work.” 

Double Rah-Rah! Melanie.

Read it here:  Do You Practice Service?

Don't Forget to tap-into:   Melanie's Website

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