Sunday, 5 October 2014

Be Selfish. Say What?

Wow. VO2GoGo’s creator, David H. Lawrence XVII has offered us yet another provocative blog that gives us pause.

And I swallowed this particular column whole because I honestly needed to absorb it personally and professionally. His “Be Selfish –That Person in The Mirror Is Probably Mistaken” blog is a tonic, so he’s definitely getting a grand and grateful Debby Barnes Voice-Over Rah-Rah! from me.

Before I expound on his article, I must tell you that this guy is a multi-talented force to be reckoned with. David’s a 30 year radio veteran that decided to switch gears in order to be a 24/7 actor, on and off camera. He’s also a Voice-Over Artist that created the VO2GoGo curriculum and the live VO2GoGo classes. He’s the online and video/audio instructor there, as well.  (He also mentors other performers!) And there’s more to rave about. His David's IMDb is a truly impressive read. BTW: Another fascinating piece of news about David, is that he “…created an industry standard Rehearsal App for the iPhone, allowing actors and VO talent to have a digital rehearsal studio right on their iPhone or iPad.” Too cool! This dude just keeps outdoing himself.

But, back to his blog: “Be Selfish –That Person in The Mirror Is Probably Mistaken”. Here, he offers us a fascinating window into his coaching world when he writes about an interesting question his students' asked. And David responds to them by letting them know that he feels their particular question is actually the wrong question to be asking. He feels they don’t need to be worried about this particular issue. “Just be you.”, he says. “Bring YOU to the party. Make sure YOU and your brand shines.” Choice.

I SO easily identify with him when he writes about the damning voices in our heads; the kind that accuse us of not being good enough by reminding us of our shortcomings. (It actually prompted me to write a new Sunday SideLines about this very issue. Stay tuned.) And when he highlights the way “…we insist on telling ourselves every day just how flawed we are, just how much we don’t have…”, I took a big gulp. He makes another important point when he mentions our mirrors. (…and I wholeheartedly agree.) They rarely help us overcome our perceived flaws. I believe he’s saying that we can become so preoccupied with what we lack, that we wilt and, as he says: “We literally talk ourselves out-of the competition.”

When he finally hits us with why he thinks this is, he states: “Because we’re not selfish enough.” I actually thought this was a strange opinion. But he goes on to explain exactly what he means, quite eloquently. And I really appreciated his slant while I was thinking through it.

He provides us with a video link that drives-home his points and after watching it, I was stunned. He winds things up nicely by asking us ‘to be selfish’. In essence, “…I’m asking you to give yourself a break, go for that strong choice, and give yourself permission to be spectacular.” What a brilliant reminder.

So, if this is what he means by being selfish, I need to try it on. And I’m praying that the person in the mirror is mistaken. Rah-Rah!  David H. Lawrence XVII

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