Sunday, 25 October 2015

Yes, Mother!

When I was growing-up - my mother had a real bee in her bonnet about posture.

And if she caught me walking with even a hint of a slump - I'd get a thump.

She'd say: "Deborah - throw those shoulders back and stick your chest out."

I'd respond: "I would, if I had a chest to stick out."

She'd shoot back: "Then pretend you do!"

(Ha! Pretend I do? This should be interesting. But I did it, none-the-less.) 

"Yes, Mother!", was my dutiful reply.

So to this day I'm mindful of how important my posture is.

Not just my physical stance - but my particular approach and attitude with people.

As an example, the way I choose to conduct myself as a small business owner.

I position myself in a non-threatening, positive and helpful way.

(...the friendly, "I could be your solution" stance.)

This is the kind of proper posture I'm all about now.

Surely mom would be proud.

* And even though it's particular to 'Food Safety Auditing' the link below is a useful read! * 

Bonus: A photo guide for proper posture!

How do you posture yourself  successfully when doing business?

I value you + your views, so let's communicate!

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