Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Meaningful Tokens

We need reminders like Scott Burns gives us. He recently wrote an Edge Studio Voice-Over Education Blog, called: ‘An Essential for Every VO Talent Tool Kit’. And it wasn’t about any of the studio essentials that normally come to mind. He believes in order to better succeed in our VO business, part of our professional VO kit should be a stack of Thank-You cards. Yes! This was right up my alley, I thought. This is a Debby Barnes Rah-Rah! for sure.

Even at the risk of sounding old-fashioned, he goes on to say that he’s “…found thank-you cards to be a very effective means of marketing.” I agree, because though it appears to be more novel than ever to do this kind of thing in the technological world we live-in today, I also think it’s a necessary part of a successful business plan. Expressing gratitude always is. Building virtual relationships can be quite impersonal, so a thank-you card is an especially nice way to offer one’s personal appreciation. For me, it’s like saying: I value you and what you do and I hope you remember how grateful I am.
I love the example Scott gives about a talented student who surprised him with a simple thank-you card and how he responded to her sincere expression of gratitude. Oh, that all reactions would produce this kind of a response!

I’m a big thank-you card kinda girl myself, so THANK YOU, Scott and Rah-Rah!
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