Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Consummate Giver

I confess I’ve been excited about praising Paul Strikwerda and his recent Nethervoice blog: “Giving My Work Away”. It’s not only refreshing, it’s an inspiring, feel-good read as well. So this week my Debby Barnes Voice-Over Rah-Rah! is cheering Paul. I always relish what he has to say and how he says it. He has a way with people and a way with words. And I’m convinced that I’m one of many who eagerly wait for his rich reflections every Thursday.

Though his specialised skill is that of a highly successful International Voice-Over Talent (…he’s known as the Ultimate European Voice) he’s starting to realise that there’s a lot of life to be lived outside his studio walls. And there’s a lot to be gained personally and professionally from stepping-out and getting connected. He writes: “It’s nice to have customers across the Atlantic, but your best clients might be fellow-members of your local business association.” Agreed.
When he writes proudly about his beloved Easton, Pennsylvania town and its long, continuously running outdoor Farmer’s Market (circa 1752), it’s because he’s keen to remind us that many times “…it’s easy to ignore what’s going on right under our nose.” He goes on to outline the importance of interacting with one’s own community.  What he shares about staying close to home, being rooted, making connections, interacting, watching, learning and volunteering makes a lot of sense. It was no surprise to read that a couple times a week he’s actually been “…cultivating his announcer-voice as emcee at his local Farmers’ Market.” And though he could be making a whole lot more money with his voice inside his studio, what he’s producing outside of it is priceless in so many ways; “…a most enriching experience.”, he writes. What a contribution. What a win-win. "Farmer's Market vendors are fellow-entrepreneurs with an interesting business model. They don't compete against one another. Instead, they grow together." Yes, more quotable wisdom here from our popular friend. Because, isn't growing together what it's all about?!
Paul, you and your Nethervoice are Dutch-loved and much-loved. So in your words: stay vocal and local! It suits you and those you serve. Rah-Rah!

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