Sunday, 6 April 2014

Mighty Messenger’s With Meaningful Messages

Mercy me. More mighty messengers with meaningful messages. (...say that tongue-twister five times for practice!) 

Yes. So many blogs…so little time. But I’ve decided that the Australian Voiceover Artist, Coach and Actor, Abbe Holmes is another one of those messengers with  messages that can’t be ignored. Abbe knows of what she speaks because she’s lived it and she’s still living it. She’s a 30+ year mainstream VO veteran that does voiceover work for radio and television as well as corporate narrations, website content, documentaries, characters for animation, IVR, ADR, on-hold and foreign film dubbing. She’s also a Voiceover coach. Phew!

I really like her tag: ‘find YOUR voice with the voiceovercoach’. Abbe’s a real tips ‘n trends chick and her written ‘tone’ is highly encouraging. She actually writes like a coach. Though you’re spoiled-for-choice with all the notable blogs she offers, I wanted to give her my personal praise with a Debby Barnes Voice-Over Rah-Rah! for one post in particular: Voiceover Acting ‘The Skill of Creating the Meaning in the Message.’

Abbe gets right into the issue of what our scripts ask of us, then she  adds: “…and in order to really ‘pull off’ the read, you need to understand what ‘attitude’ you need to have or what ‘stance’ you need to take in order to make the script work.” The way she goes on to discuss script attitude leads her nicely into how she feels we must approach every script. ‘The way you approach a script depends entirely on the message the script is trying to  deliver and who is delivering it.’ From here, she slips into stance. Which, in her opinion, “…means things like manner, feelings, thoughts, opinion, mind-set and way of behaving.” I personally, loved thinking through her information, especially because she’s always mindful of staying uncomplicated. She breaks things down for the reader when needs be. This time she did it by reminding us of the what, the who and the how decisions we need to make when we’re interpreting the copy. (And though many of us are accustomed to this practice and are comfortable with it, some probably still need to be reminded of it and apply it until it becomes second nature to them.)

I also relished the two different voiceover scenarios she gives us, and her missive about what “the ‘act’ of voiceover is: …to engage the listener in such a way that they feel a connection to the messenger and the message.”

I felt a connection to Abbe’s message, that’s for sure.  Attitude and stance are key, and the messenger as well as the message are left meaningless without them. So here’s to using even more skill in 2014 in order to create an even more meaningful message. Rah-Rah! Abbe.

Read it here:  Abbe's Blog

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Click into:  Abbe Holmes Website

So what do you think? I value you + your comments!

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