Sunday, 2 November 2014

Impress & Keep-On Impressing

I knew it was only a matter of time. I’ve been reading his trusty blogs for awhile now and I honestly couldn’t wait to spotlight him. He’s Constantino De Miguel, and he well deserves the light! (…and a Debby Barnes Voice-Over Rah-Rah!, ofcourse.)

"This talented, impressive, multi-lingual guy is a broadcast professional with over 25 years experience in radio and television. He’s worked for international media in the Netherlands (RNWO); Spain (SER Radio); France (Euronews TV); and the US (LInkTV). He is currently a foreign news correspondent for CCTV News (China) covering current affairs from France and Spain." And there's more!

"Trilingual English, Spanish and French, Constantino is also a Voice Talent and co-owner of a multimedia studio based in Lyon, France. Constantino is an active media trainer. He has coached executives and CEOs from Fortune 500 companies in how to handle radio and TV interviews." Like WOW.

Though I’m quite spoiled for choice where his blogs are concerned, his: ‘Impressing Your Voice-Over Clients’ post resonated with me, as I’m sure it will resonate with any and every VO business owner.

The seven points he aptly makes are choice. It’s actually difficult to choose one over the other because they’re all equally important. He mentions: “Show interest – Showing interest in your client’s business and what they are trying to achieve through using voice over. This will demonstrate your commitment to the task and will help you to build a relationship with them.” IMHO, this is huge, because caring about them and their business is key. Never underestimate CARING.

At the end of the day, it’s all about giving the utmost for our clients highest good. And staying mindful of this kind of service is vital because when our clients are happy, we’re happy!

So happy Rah-Rah’s!, Constantino. And thank you for your impressive words of wisdom. 

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