Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Control Issues

One grey and rainy day, instead of going jogging, I went blogging. I decided it was the perfect day to indulge in a private blog fest, of sorts. And while I was perusing various blogs, (...which Voice-Over Talent, Derek Chappell makes easy through his: 'Top Voiceover Blog Posts')  I found some of interest by Karl Littardi. I was pleased to read that his ‘Uncle Karl’s Voice Over Blog’ is the UK’s #1 Blog for the Earnest Voice Over. He's quite a multi-talented individual too. Besides having a deep, rich, trustworthy, story-teller’s voice, he’s a creative technologist and a publisher. Wow. Here I am, an (earnest) American Voice-Over Talent living in England and I haven’t heard of him yet? For shame.

Well, one blogpost in particular really struck me: “What Do You Control?” It’s surprisingly short, but the four reminders about what we can’t control, resonated with me. This was one of those posts you want to print, highlight and laminate so you can tack it somewhere visible in your studio. And it’s also one that gets a Debby Barnes Voice-Over Rah-Rah! for sure.
One of my BFF’s once told me that she considers everything in life a control issue. (I giggle every time I recall her saying it. She has a way of saying things you never forget. She's also one of those people that always seems to be right.) Anyway, there’s a lot of truth to her opinion. Throughout our lives, there are always going to be things we can control and things we cannot control. This is a fact. Uncle Karl lists 4 of the cannots for the Voice-Over Professional, in particular. They are also facts. And as you finish his post reading this actuality: What you CAN control is how you handle your feelings, disappointments, failures and regrets.”, you’ll probably find yourself nodding in agreement with me. His healthy reminders can help us feel much more in control when we choose to stay above and beyond our own defeatist tendencies. So cheers, “Uncle Karl” and Rah-Rah!
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